Why I Can’t Believe In God

If I accept that there’s a heaven, then death would be too appealing. If He is all forgiving then why is there a hell? How could an all loving being let war, killing, famine, or pain exist? How could He let innocents die and killers live? Why has He not spoken to me? Even when … Continue reading Why I Can’t Believe In God

Human Endurance

Pushing through the dirt, hands covered in blood, bones broken, you stood up and walked across that field of bodies and carried on, through the tall grass in the amber light back home. Emerging through the rubble, watching everything you knew destroyed, seeing everyone gone, you cry then you rebuild your city. Shackled to a … Continue reading Human Endurance

If Life Was A Canvas

Each pulsing eccentricity of human life, a coloured brushstroke on the canvas of existence, colours of all shade and tonality combining to reflect their own vitalities of animation. If you step closer and examine the design, the intricacies appear sporadically frantic, disorganised, clumsy, a collateral splattering of imperfections, the ghosts of indecision. However, stepping away … Continue reading If Life Was A Canvas