Wanting to put blade to paper and rip open something red, Tearing up a pillar of cream, watching the Crimson silk ripple across the sheets, Inhale the vanilla honey sweat salt iron- this hurt tastes so sweet Coppery like bloody dreams- nightmares Singing in screams - plump mouth gasping for nirvana, arms grappling for hell … Continue reading Roxanne 

Cogito Ergo Sum

  Drifting through space, thoughts on the wind, memories fluttering across the mind Never settling on the petals of gyri, like restless butterflies – hovering over the wrinkles of corpus-callosum grey skies Existentialism spills existence all over my brain – but the windows of solipsism confines the flood to my head Only scepticism, leaking out … Continue reading Cogito Ergo Sum

‘Write about happy things, about moments like this.’

Moments like this? Pressing our smiles together in the warmth- Or searching for nirvana under the sheets, Sweeping me up and running away in peals of laughter, Listening to the same song as we dance down the street, Or watching ‘our’ show curled up against you- Falling asleep in your arms to the sound of … Continue reading ‘Write about happy things, about moments like this.’