Like Rocks onto the Shore

A single seashell, pinkened by the sweetness of the sun, Lay her simmering curves by the corals, before the dawn had begun. White gulls balanced the wind between their feathers high above, The water gushing between the sand and their feet, - she fallen deep in love. The chattering of corals left the air salty … Continue reading Like Rocks onto the Shore

Sunlight days, memories Aching for a feeling We chase the butterflies in our stomachs, Across yellow lawns, Maybe we’ll catch those little bugs, And spend the whole night talking.

Desperately fluttering wings, a moth trapped between the window and the world. The rather ugly brown form pounding again and again, relentlessly trying to reach the light from the streetlamp just outside. I watch it with interest, merely intrigued by the futile struggle. Each time the little moth slams its tiring body against the glass … Continue reading