Like Rocks onto the Shore

A single seashell, pinkened by the sweetness of the sun,
Lay her simmering curves by the corals, before the dawn had begun.
White gulls balanced the wind between their feathers high above,
The water gushing between the sand and their feet, – she fallen deep in love.
The chattering of corals left the air salty and her heart sweet,
They watched as horses raced across the surf to bow before their feet.
When the sun has risen full, high up into the sky,
Our shell was happiest and fullest, a smiled tear dripped from her eye.
But, over time the waves grew unhappy, and rose too far up the beach,
First, the brittle corals submitted to the sea, broken down till each –
Sweet colourful chatter quietened to none,
The little shell grew worried as the waves crashed down, her the only one.
She turned to the crabs and fish but they all had swum away
Her beach had been deserted, all she could do was stay.
Eventually, the air grew cold, and the waves creeping up,
Each wave licking at her pretty shell, her twirled tip turned to a stump.
She cried out for help below the waves, but her cries were stifled by her killer
Each battering she took broke her shell a little more- until her whole existence was no bigger,
Than a tiny grain of sand.

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