When it’s time to let another good thing die

We held out ours hands at midnight
Staying up long after the moon
I never thought forever
Would ever end so soon

The Paper-cup conversations
Of children come to pass
But even then I should of known
That nothing ever lasts

The summer always fades from spring
And you can’t expect the birds to sing
When you’re running out time
And I looked at you and then I knew
That you’d never become mine

We saw the sun set over cities
Of times we knew we’d lost
Left standing on that hill,
I Knew that it was time
to say goodbye at last

And I can’t pull love up from the depths
For you
Or stop summer ending all too soon
But looking up into the moon
When it all stops me from sleeping
I wipe the tear drop from my eye
And know it’s time,
to finally let a good thing die.

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