5 Minutes To Showtime

It was fun whilst it lasted, but I get bored quick. Flipping my hair and pretending to care is my best party trick. The stars in their eyes, all dazzled by lights – They all dribble when I start to bite. I know that look – oh baby you’re hooked, I can tell. I’ve got … Continue reading 5 Minutes To Showtime

Shakespeare’s Fool

A literary hamartia, a bumbling idiot. So many riddles. Why so cryptic? Maybe if you had just said – What you fucking meant, So many of our conversations wouldn’t be dead. Stop hiding what you mean, Under pretence and self-esteem; Tear off the bravado darling, I never found your swagger charming. Sociopathy is sexy but … Continue reading Shakespeare’s Fool

I Want 

Good morning texts,Did you get home safe yet replies, Early mornings coffee surprise, Tell me you love me, But I can't say it back, Say I'm the one, Let your voice crack, Call me yours, And hold onto me,  Because baby - I'm sick of being lonely and free.

On a playground somewhere green, Mermaids and birds, land and sea – Two little outcasts thrust into the world, A life-long friendship built upon a house. Then we ran without cares into life, butt- Sums and equations added us up- Our world was made of pens and paper, And our dreams still trapped DS players. … Continue reading