On a playground somewhere green,
Mermaids and birds, land and sea –
Two little outcasts thrust into the world,
A life-long friendship built upon a house.
Then we ran without cares into life, butt-
Sums and equations added us up-
Our world was made of pens and paper,
And our dreams still trapped DS players.
Then our horizon got wider – our home made of cards,
In a room full of books- and they were never far.
Summers spent on the field, mornings in corridors,
Always wishing for something more.
Then two torn open hearts,
The last of growing up had to be done apart.
Now- alone but not lonely,
When it gets sad there you can call me,
Through thick and thin, through love and sin-
Two outcasts are roaming the skies,
Scuttle it’s time to fly.

Happy Birthday LP.

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