Another let down

Unchanging, unforgivable disgrace, a poorly executed human being. Another bad day. A biological mistake. Cold hearted bitch. She cares too much. Clingy, dependent. Empty Self-loathing, all-consuming. Another fucking letdown.


Why haven’t I written in so long?

Was I lost in thoughts so wild and large I’ve been chasing them down and collecting up jars - around the corners of my mind, was I wandering the earth in search of a dream that floated away in sleep, or was I looking for a perfect love, maybe, I was making new friends, meeting … Continue reading Why haven’t I written in so long?


Withering colors, in carbonated yellows Rusted green and foaming white, Bubbling leftovers of humanistic pursuit. Rotten corpses of artistic benevolence lining the streets. The scrunched up flesh of unfinished stories, Discarded as fear that their imperfect toxicity might scar a pure white page, Just a bag of waste. Wasted potential Wasted time Waste