The Beach

A pink-blue horizon, a sky speckled with the softness of uncertain clouds,
The waves gently crashing, and the ocean, calling with beckoning mouths
The waters melt away the world, stripping bare all the day
Holding my breath on all of the words you know I never needed you to say
Hair wet and dripping, skin salty and shivering
Lips parted and blue, my feet are blistering
but, smiles stuck to our mouths, plastered on like paint
to faces coated in moonlight and silver skin like saints
A childish delight, two humans now reborn
The search for adventure, as a dusk turns into dawn
Soaking the car seats, and sand left in our shoes
Watching the distance turn into distant views
Counting the streetlights and losing track of time
The day melts into memory and too soon we have arrived
Back in two beds, more than one city apart
We’ll dream of the beach, but it’ll stay in our hearts.

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