Some Context Please

If I am born at the same time as someone else, do our hearts beat together? How many people are crying right now? If everyone jumped, would I feel it? How can I live in a city of seven million people and still feel lonely? How do dreams work; my eyes are closed but I … Continue reading Some Context Please

Will You Still Love Me

Your bright eyes indulge me as they run across my face, I can see the rose tinted smile cross your young lips as you regard perfection. You love my supple clear skin, and my long dark lashes, Your hands clutch my tiny waist as your fingers explore a horizon of smooth skin, My toned calves … Continue reading Will You Still Love Me


World falling out of each other, Us tumbling, and flying through lyrics on hot air, Everything is brighter than life, better than dawn, bigger than the sky, deeper than space and we are at the epicentre of everything Skies rolling, vision blurring – Crowds cheering, For us! Hearts pounding and lungs grabbing air up from … Continue reading Concert