Will You Still Love Me

Your bright eyes indulge me as they run across my face,
I can see the rose tinted smile cross your young lips as you regard perfection.
You love my supple clear skin, and my long dark lashes,
Your hands clutch my tiny waist as your fingers explore a horizon of smooth skin,
My toned calves excite you, and we moan as you kiss my protruding hip bones.
But your smile is shallow and I don’t believe your eyes,
Will you still gasp a little as I get underdressed in 20 years?
Will my cracked skin still excite you?
When what you loved is stripped bare, stolen from me will you still love what your eyes see?
Because what if when your tainted glasses are ripped from your face and you see the flaws and you walk away.
You whisper you love me into my ears as you run your fingers through my hair when we sit on your bed,
But what you really mean is you love what you see now,
You don’t see me
But when you do, will you still love me?
When my youth has faded and only my familiar eyes reflect the beauty I used to be,
Will you still love me?

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