Why I Can’t Believe In God

If I accept that there’s a heaven, then death would be too appealing.
If He is all forgiving then why is there a hell?
How could an all loving being let war, killing, famine, or pain exist?
How could He let innocents die and killers live?
Why has He not spoken to me? Even when I sunk to my knees and prayed through my tears, when I was broken and lost, and needed to believe the most.

Why do the good ones always leave?
Why do we all feel so alone?
People fight in His name, blood spitting from their lying lips as they preach love while gunning down men with names they will never know.

The world is emptier and less magic without it, because it’s scarier and harder to believe in nothing. To know that there is nothing. I would love to be able to believe that when my heart stops beating a part of me will survive, perhaps it’ll be reborn or live, immortal, somewhere in the up in the sky, but don’t you think that we would know that by now? That we who mapped the globe, explored space, cured disease, created life, that we would have found something that proved Him. We did all of that alone.

If your Gods do exist then they have condemned us and left us to die, because based upon their commandments we’re all going to hell. But if you need to tell yourself that you have a special place in the sky reserved, to get through the day then do just that, but I can’t believe in your God.

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