Human Endurance

Pushing through the dirt, hands covered in blood, bones broken, you stood up and walked across that field of bodies and carried on, through the tall grass in the amber light back home.
Emerging through the rubble, watching everything you knew destroyed, seeing everyone gone, you cry then you rebuild your city.
Shackled to a wall, locked in a room, beaten, bruised, lost, the door opens and the harsh light hurts your eyes as you blink into the world and breathe, you adjust and you start again.
You have been told that it’s eating you away and you count on your fingers the days you have left, you clutch their hands and smile, you push through.
You’re bleeding and the pain is almost unbearable, it sears through you to every extremity so you close your eyes and concentrate on keeping your heart beating, they find you.
The resilience of humanity is truly astounding.

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