A short story about indecision and dissatisfaction. When I was young and naïve, and my world had been delighted between sunlit smiles and white winter snow fights, I formed the error in judgement that would come to be my hamartia. I made the stupid mistake of believing, even in my childish whims, that if I … Continue reading Butterflies

The Pointlessness of Poetry

Cynicism is my new addiction, fuck it load me up- Give me one more hit of bitter, god I’ve missed this high Jesus I feel low I embrace my futility and never look for meaning Dismissing true connection for my own self-hating And books that will never love me back – not I believe in … Continue reading The Pointlessness of Poetry

‘Lonely People Are Always Up In The Middle Of the Night’

Staring out up into the abundance of stars and making wishes between my visible breaths, Watching how my whispered words fogged up the window- Then disappear like thoughts, My hands are empty, and the fingertips are cold, Pressing them gently against my skin- sending shivers like ripples over a calmed sea. My favourite book lies … Continue reading ‘Lonely People Are Always Up In The Middle Of the Night’