Green Stars

Staring at the green stars curl around our gold fingertips,
Sat on the floor, like children, between the pillow fort – and infinity
Tracing the outlines of dragons made of blue smoke that waft over the sky
Above us
Then we’re in a rain forest, in the flickering candlelight under a waterfall made from silk
Dripping promises and blood, and secrets into our open mouths
The notes of our favourite songs drifting through the trees, from my phone – from the moon
We’re back on my bed and looking at the night sky-cracked ceiling,
Then I’m also looking at you –at me
Falling into your eyes; irises full and black – I’m lost, desperately, reaching for something- holding your hand – intertwined
Intricate stories like lace, passing in tendrils between our flushed lips
I’m trying to remember tears – what sadness is
The green stars are reaching out – beckoning us to space, no not there – to somewhere new and old – embrace me, please
We’re under the spectacled-yellow eyes of God
Oh God
Like clockwork cogs, the green stars are people, and boxes, and us and no one, but they keep moving in their loops
Losing our minds in the glitches and only able to speak the truth
We knew.

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