Some Context Please

If I am born at the same time as someone else, do our hearts beat together?
How many people are crying right now?
If everyone jumped, would I feel it?
How can I live in a city of seven million people and still feel lonely?
How do dreams work; my eyes are closed but I can still see clearly?
When I’m wondering if I’m the only one with thoughts are other people thinking too?
Who am I talking to when I’m thinking?
How does my cat know to look in my eyes?
When I learn about the brain, it’s a brain learning about a brain from brain written by another brain.
Am I just a brain trapped in a squishy casing?
Is my purpose just to push out more brains, so they can push out more brains, to eventually create the most brain? But there must be some sort of end game? Why just reproduce if there is no end game?
If my only purpose is to reproduce then why can I think freely?
Do we even have a purpose?
Is there a meaning? To what? To everything, to nothing?

If I wait for nothing, and nothing comes, does that make me self-defeating, or realistic?









These are just some thoughts I apparently had at 2:39am one morning in March.

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