World falling out of each other,
Us tumbling, and flying through lyrics on hot air,
Everything is brighter than life, better than dawn, bigger than the sky, deeper than space and we are at the epicentre of everything
Skies rolling, vision blurring –
Crowds cheering,
For us!
Hearts pounding and lungs grabbing air up from red-raw throats!
Flashing lights framing mid-air dancing – a still life of us
In the black and white and blue and green and yellow and amber we shine together
Dancing out between new stars and skies collide above us and the ground shakes below our tired feet
But we still are throwing our possessed bodies into one – all cells of bigger being.
Breathing together, dancing together, screaming together in the tune we remembered-
Tears colliding and bonds forming
The bass beating through the very essence of our souls, and we let it take us all, all of us,
Blinded by everything we close our eyes willingly and let go,
Living on high, realities dropping around us like falling walls, but us safe, jumping, dancing, hands holding, bodies sweating, mouths gasping, hearts bursting!
For less than four minutes we rule the world
The sun setting over the stage and,
We don’t care,

What a night.

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