What It Is To Be Free

Freedom. An expanse of blue sea and bluer sky in all directions, the only destination is the horizon in front of me. Where the dripping honey sun is beckoning me to chase her.
Feeling the power of something bigger than myself at my command, pushing us, thrusting me forward into every new second. Towards an unknown abyss of days I sail.

Freedom. Lying on the cool deck in the dark and staring out into the infinity of space above. Forgetting what time is and counting moments with breaths and heartbeats. That’s living.
Having nowhere to go to, having no plans at all. No rules, expectations, societal pressures are null here, degrees and grades are useless, the only requirement is to exist.

Freedom. Leaving the map floating somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and discovering it for yourself; because when you let go of the handheld atlas the world becomes much bigger, more special, more hopeful. Now you don’t rely on someone’s drawings you could run into dragons, mermaids, or monsters. You’re limitless.

Freedom. Go find it.

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