Runaway with me

Run away with me, Blue skies, green eyes, Think I, might need a change of scene, What I mean, is that summer’s fading Life’s a haze and, I miss the sun Please come and chase a dream With me.


Summer Day Sadnesses

Watching the world turn through a series of paint-marker windows, Of barely square houses, not homes, Drawn poorly and hung on the fridges of week-to-week mothers, With cashed checks strewn on the street, and fathers, all fucking deadbeat, Why do they always pack up and leave? Moments, passing in front of me. Houses all full … Continue reading Summer Day Sadnesses

Sunlight days, memories Aching for a feeling We chase the butterflies in our stomachs, Across yellow lawns, Maybe we’ll catch those little bugs, And spend the whole night talking.

Desperately fluttering wings, a moth trapped between the window and the world. The rather ugly brown form pounding again and again, relentlessly trying to reach the light from the streetlamp just outside. I watch it with interest, merely intrigued by the futile struggle. Each time the little moth slams its tiring body against the glass … Continue reading

Summer sunshine at the cusp of spring filtered through the leaves on that tree outside my window, to settle lightly between the furrows of your brows, A lifetime of worries past etched in shadows of your bones. The hazy late-afternoon light captured in an endearing clarity in the warmth of your smile-creased brown eyes, The … Continue reading