An experimental excerpt – Moths

AN - What follows is an excerpt from a short story I am working on, this piece was inspired by the song Kyiv by Oksar Schuster.    I felt like all the air, every spark of vivacity that lit up everyone around me, was depleted in me. My bulbs had blown, and I left in … Continue reading An experimental excerpt – Moths


Withering colors, in carbonated yellows Rusted green and foaming white, Bubbling leftovers of humanistic pursuit. Rotten corpses of artistic benevolence lining the streets. The scrunched up flesh of unfinished stories, Discarded as fear that their imperfect toxicity might scar a pure white page, Just a bag of waste. Wasted potential Wasted time Waste

Sunlight days, memories Aching for a feeling We chase the butterflies in our stomachs, Across yellow lawns, Maybe we’ll catch those little bugs, And spend the whole night talking.