5 Minutes To Showtime

It was fun whilst it lasted, but I get bored quick.
Flipping my hair and pretending to care is my best party trick.
The stars in their eyes, all dazzled by lights –
They all dribble when I start to bite.
I know that look – oh baby you’re hooked, I can tell.
I’ve got you right where I want you;
Desperately gazing at me the way I want to.

No racing heart, or jumping breath for me,
I’m just laying here in yet another handmade mess:

Love is a game and I like to win,
Tripping over them with one glance and a grin not for them.
Honey it’s all an illusion – and I the performer,
But at the end of the night, and all the men round the back have switched off the lights,
I go home too.

Not caring is easy-
Sociopathy is the new sexy,
They all think they can see under the ‘façade’,
But the show is still running, and this a mirage-
And they love it, and they all thought they loved me,
I belong to no one – my contract states I’m free.

The curtain is rising again for our next performance, we’ll all play the right parts,
But I’ll remind you again that this narrative ends with me
Leaving empty and breaking your heart

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