‘Write about happy things, about moments like this.’

Moments like this?
Pressing our smiles together in the warmth-
Or searching for nirvana under the sheets,
Sweeping me up and running away in peals of laughter,
Listening to the same song as we dance down the street,
Or watching ‘our’ show curled up against you-
Falling asleep in your arms to the sound of our steady breath
Every four hour ‘5 minute’ call – talking about nothing, everything, every silence together
The bad jokes that I still find funny but pretend to ignore,
Holding back giggles, failing –
Or throwing foam at each other in warm baths, holding breaths, ‘welcome back’ darling
Candle-lit showers after long nights outside,
Doing up my coat, giving me yours, clutching at you just to keep warm
Meeting little ginger cats at 3am, making us stop to say hello
Getting stupidly drunk, holding my hair, holding me
Competitive video games, bad winner, bad loser – make up kisses
Smiling just because
Laughing across the phone until we’re creasing like paper.

Moments like this-

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