Alone But Not Lonely

I’m alone but not lonely,
Drifting between days and dreams,
In which I’m being haunted by a feeling- a darkness
Seeping into the cracks of my life,
Ominous tendrils dripping doubt onto my brain.
Why do I feel so uneasy?
Nauseous and nervous but I’m calm, this is collected
I’m confused.
When I’m there we’re so sure, but then I’m alone again,
Not lonely but muddled-
Without you to stop these parasitic thoughts I’m being infected,
Each day that I’m not there the rot spreads.
My mind riddled with a far reaching fear,
I’m being eaten alive.
The tenebrosity behind my eyes is leaking out down my cheeks,
Please don’t look at me,
I’m so afraid of something
Not lonely but alone, here.

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