The Memories of Words

When you are in that moment it surrounds you with a clear brilliance, A clarity that’s so enriched with detail you could never remember it perfectly, But it’s so bright that you don’t believe that you could ever forget it. In that moment you can believe that you’re immortal, that it’s infinite- Your brain can’t … Continue reading The Memories of Words

Black and White and Grey.

I live my life in black and white and grey. I wake up drowning in grey skies, then I’m pushed through the current of ashen people under a grey city towards a bleak-grey day. I type the same black words on white paper till I forget what I meant, until I lose myself in monochrome. … Continue reading Black and White and Grey.

If life was a canvas – written for a competition in 2012

If life was canvas then what would I paint? There would be silent blue waves filled with unseen dark hate There would be bright green and gold meadows with flowers to spare There would be bottomless pits filled with regrets and lost cares There would be an unfinished tunnel made from ropes with loose ends … Continue reading If life was a canvas – written for a competition in 2012