The wind blows hard against my cold lips, cracking them, splitting them open. I keep running, my legs pounding against the earth, pushing against the mud. My heart is racing. My chest heaving. I can hardly breathe; my dress is too heavy, my corset too tight. Bone against bone as I struggle to inhale. I keep running. The salt from my tears streams down my cheeks but I cannot wipe them away, I have to run, to get away. A sudden gust pulls at my curls and a black wave is released down my back. A black mane tangles into a fraying veil as I turn to peer behind me. I don’t stop, but as I turn my head I watch as time stills for second; a single ribbon slithers from my hair catching the heavy light through the dark clouds and for a moment shines in its freedom. Dancing through the air before she falls to the ugly mud. As if to make up for it everything moves in an accelerated motion, I can barely see the open cliffs around me or the sea off the horizon. Hot salty tears stream down my cheeks, pushing them out of my eyes but I force my legs to keep moving. Pain jolts through my feet like lightening. Then finally the edge comes into sight. I stop. Dark curls swirling around my head I look with determination and desperation out past the drop of the horizon, past the dark waves and into oblivion. My breath catches but I take it in, all of it. Sweat clings to my skin and the tears drip onto my lips and mingle with my blood. I can’t even flinch anymore, my mind is somewhere else. The sea pounds the rocks a hundred feet below but I can hardly hear their roars; my heart is drumming in my ears, and still I step closer. I breathe in one last time as the air pushes against my skirts, as I step forward into the air. And then I am flying, free and falling. Into everything and nothing all at once. I lift my arms out and open my eyes waiting for my wings. They are calling for me so sweetly and the sea reaches out her arms –


Just before her body hit the rocks they say a blade of God’s very own light pierced through the dark skies and watchers swear that as they looked through the clouds they saw into paradise, a moment before the skies erupted and the heavens wept.





This is just a short experimental piece inspired by some music I was listening to,  I am not sure if I will expand upon this narrative yet. Criticism and opinions are very welcome and extremely helpful.


One thought on “Untitled

  1. There are some beautiful descriptions in this, but not a hundred percent clear what’s going on. Is she running from something? Committing suicide? I guess you may not know the answer to this yourself yet ! Like I said though, some very evocative, visual description.

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