*Don’t go too far*

Don’t stray too far
White tears drop onto rose-white faces, into black lashes and as they melt they slide into tender blue eyes.
White fur is wrapped around soft warm hands, around little fingers, and clasps around slender white wrists.
White stars fly, play, and chase between sliver gold curls,
Laughter bubbles from blue-red lips and spills into the white air,
Slight pointed leather shoes patter against the crunching white ground.
Warm loving voices carry a distant mumbled meaning,
Ignorance is bliss.

The old house falls off the horizon and cold becomes colder,
The familiar melts into the unknown and innocence is in excitement
Smiles of freedom slip from a freezing mouth.
Short legs stop running and breathing becomes panting,
Stars fall onto silver-gold hair- a white lace veil.
Euphoria and fun fill bright azure eyes and the trees becomes a crowd and a frozen stream becomes an ice rink.
Eagerness subsides to tiredness,
Cold air tricks smooth skin into heat.
Warm clothes fall off and bright minds drift into dreams-

Wet snow drips off of her woollen grey coat,
White fog fills her cold eyes
Her blonde hair is buried in snow and her fur lined gloves lay next to her sides,
Little black shoes are strewn besides her naked blue feet and tiny purple-white toes.
Her black-blue lips are closed and her short legs stiff,
Still black lashes catch snowflakes like a black web collecting white flies…
Smooth white skin lies with pure white snow, she is the snow and the snow is her skin.

Desperate screams cut through an anechoic wonderland- but make no sounds; no hearing ears are there to listen,
Heavy beating feet pound the dirty snow, until wrinkled blue eyes notice and then the sporadic panting is choked.
Weak knees drop into the cold ground
Hot salty clear droplets fall onto large pink hands and trembling fingers,
The same hands clutch her icy head and clutch it to a shaking chest,
Her head lolls back and unseeing eyes stare into the bright blue sky-
The snow has stopped falling now,
The sun is shining but she is still cold.

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