Continuation of a story

This is the end of the untilted experimental introduction and the following chapter.


I met the cart where the path met the gravel in front of the house, just in time for my father to jump down and bring me into his arms. I breathed in his familiar smell and brushed my nose against the woollen lapels of his open jacket. His bristly beard tickled at the crown of my head as he held me tightly. He pulled me away from him and looked at me for a moment, as his light brown eyes met mine his smile grew and we both broke into peels of warm laughter. After unloading we walked together hand in hand back into the cool house.
Chapter two
The house was not ours but I knew each cracked wall, and creaky corridor like a map etched into my mind. Originally the house had been part of a much larger estate and when first built it was one of the finest homes in the area. Now a good 50 years on it stills stands, draped in vines and creeping flowers, a little run down and small compared to the manors in the village but beautiful to me. The house belonged to my Grandmother and her Husband, my father is her bastard and I his only child. My mother passed away shortly after she had me. My father told me how that when I was born we were living between work houses and the street, until he wrote to my Grandmother (who belongs to very wealthy and very old family). He said that when we arrived she held me an once she had looked upon my face she told him she would never let me go, and from then on we’d lived with her. Her husband was an old kind man, and treated me as though I were his own, he was always gentle and sweet whenever I saw him. This was not very often though as he oversaw the managing of his family’s farm a few miles down the road from the spring through to autumn. My father worked as a representative for the produce of the farm which meant that he travelled around often for months at a time. So from May to October it was usually just my Grandmother and I, which I did not mind. My Grandmother, although very traditionally minded and strict, had a loving nature and a soft spot for me so we always got on well.

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