Rolling over me like sun warmed waves on tropical beaches, an enveloping silence wraps around my brain. Protective. I dream of nothing, no thoughts, no sounds.

For a while I don’t even exist – removed from time and place – in my own internal  restorative limbo.

The indescribable feeling of being nothing consumes me and I don’t even know, I can’t.

The pitter-patter of a thousand little fingers tapping on glass pulls me up from the warm pool, just long enough for me to dream, but not to think, not to wake. Just enough to start the spark up there.

Everything before the is dream deleted; I am dropped into a new world as an innocent and I accept it all, but the taste of skepticism creeps into my mouth, and yet I can’t remember the name, so I forget.

Falling through concrete floors into the sea, I relax into everything. Spread out on a lilo of colour that I can’t describe, next to a girl with a face I can’t remember but definitely know, I dip my toes between realities. How can I see nothing so clearly?

Snatched, dragged up, stolen from a haze too soon.I am pulled through worlds and for a long second I don’t know anything in the darkness.

Bursting through black lashes I emerge. My head hurts and it’s still dark outside.

The rain is pourin down.

I close the window and shiver in the cold air.

Laying back in the confines of my warm sheets I recover. Once again I submit to myself and once again I am nothing.




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