Rolling over me like sun warmed waves on tropical beaches, an enveloping silence wraps around my brain. Protective. I dream of nothing, no thoughts, no sounds. For a while I don't even exist - removed from time and place - in my own internal  restorative limbo. The indescribable feeling of being nothing consumes me and … Continue reading Goodnight.

Continuation of story part two

Chapter four The week my father was home passed so quickly I thought I had only imagined that he had been here. My Grandmother had been preoccupied with writing letters and organising my entry into polite society – although a little late for my age (19) she still felt it was necessary and proper, but … Continue reading Continuation of story part two

Beginning of Chapter two from my unnamed novella

My childhood years were spent in a beautiful stately home in the south of England. An imposing stone masterpiece set within the rural moor speckled countryside. The house had several hundred rooms and a gloriously stocked, high-ceiling library. My personal room was situated towards the front of the house. I remember the large sweeping bay … Continue reading Beginning of Chapter two from my unnamed novella