Creatures of the Wind

“Love me. Love me, please, please tell me that you do.” Caught up in the wild arctic winds you cast across a room- When we touched I heard a sort of heaven; a symphony of mandolins Playing in the confines of my timid constructions. Intricacies leaking from your fingertips and from the corners of the … Continue reading Creatures of the Wind


I’ve been awake for long so now, Just can’t get to sleep- Thinking about the last time that I heard you speak, How much longer we have, how much time that I’ve wasted I always thought that this would be finite, But the walls of my home are crumbling and Now I can only watch … Continue reading Grief

‘Lonely People Are Always Up In The Middle Of the Night’

Staring out up into the abundance of stars and making wishes between my visible breaths, Watching how my whispered words fogged up the window- Then disappear like thoughts, My hands are empty, and the fingertips are cold, Pressing them gently against my skin- sending shivers like ripples over a calmed sea. My favourite book lies … Continue reading ‘Lonely People Are Always Up In The Middle Of the Night’