Desperately fluttering wings, a moth trapped between the window and the world. The rather ugly brown form pounding again and again, relentlessly trying to reach the light from the streetlamp just outside. I watch it with interest, merely intrigued by the futile struggle. Each time the little moth slams its tiring body against the glass … Continue reading

“So you’re a writer?”

My fingers are aching from watching the quickening hands of a clock – I just don’t know if I can keep up anymore. I stretch out my cracking palms, knuckles that are bruised and bloodied. I only fought myself- but does that mean I won? The keyboard is broken. I thought that if I just … Continue reading “So you’re a writer?”

Summer sunshine at the cusp of spring filtered through the leaves on that tree outside my window, to settle lightly between the furrows of your brows, A lifetime of worries past etched in shadows of your bones. The hazy late-afternoon light captured in an endearing clarity in the warmth of your smile-creased brown eyes, The … Continue reading