A Tale of Two Writers

Like a spectrum of dust dancing through sunlight – us, all lost in the cosmic debris
Talking with ease, breathless sentences spoken before the rest of us have awoken
Sleep-waking through elevator doors, destination; space. At your desk, we’re all still dreaming.
“I’ve been meaning to call, just got lost in it all”
Crystalized moonlit moments seeped through the blinds
as we try to re-find our late night conversations
Sand falling through fingers, words over lips. Lost between sunset, sunrise and this –
Foreign kisses slip into abyss, “Quick, let’s run to the sea to see it!.” Sunrise…
Edging nearer to nirvana so we followed the map to the horizon, how could we miss?
Seeing clearer, though it’s further, this hypothetical heaven… We knew our present was left in the future
And these moments, like us, are just getting older – faded like pictures, red-eyed but no tears
Cut out your fears like an edit, scream out all those words till you’ve said it
Wading into the ocean, I dip my head underwater, for a moment of silence. I’m drowning in it
Fall through constellations under waves, together we laugh as the world fades away…

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