Creatures of the Wind

“Love me. Love me, please, please tell me that you do.”

Caught up in the wild arctic winds you cast across a room-
When we touched I heard a sort of heaven; a symphony of mandolins
Playing in the confines of my timid constructions.
Intricacies leaking from your fingertips and from the corners of the moon…

A gorgeous still blue, gazes back up to the sky with wonder, but,
Underneath that peaceful scene the waters rage and turmoil
Unhappiness drips over the hollowed bones carved from your cheeks –
Like rain falling over marble –fictional tears run down the angularities of your sad smile.

Submitting my being, my white carcass, to your stone feet was an act of futility,
Purity in itself is not perfection enough
Either the complexities, the nuances of our souls would entwine, or
You would break apart every stitch, pull apart every seam –
So we stood as strangers, our toes at the edge of the known world,
I let myself fall

You never spoke your affection, a mythological imaging,
Perhaps that love was a story for lonely little girl
But, between rain-drenched days and restless dreams
I find that I still miss you.

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