Children Of Men

Out past the blinking lights of electric existence, far beyond the polluted horizons-
A single cry echoes across the clamouring earth.
From the dirtied, used, ruined bellies of haggard mistakes falls an angel.
Never has anything purer graced the soil upon which that miracle lays-
For this glorious moment, all of human filth, destruction, hatred, and war can be forgiven,
For in the eyes of this child shines a salvation,
A sliver of something purer than hope – an empty canvas which was born a masterpiece
Now I finally understand modern art.
Like a sunrise brings on her back a new day,
This little passenger brings a new life within her heart.
Between those tiny hands lay all of art, in that miniature mind all of science, her eyes all compassion, in her lungs all words –

From the darkest, most different and varying corners of human existence there are only two certainties which draw us, as a species together;
Life and death, and then life anew.

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