Cogito Ergo Sum

  Drifting through space, thoughts on the wind, memories fluttering across the mind Never settling on the petals of gyri, like restless butterflies – hovering over the wrinkles of corpus-callosum grey skies Existentialism spills existence all over my brain – but the windows of solipsism confines the flood to my head Only scepticism, leaking out … Continue reading Cogito Ergo Sum

An Astronaut Lost In Space-Constellations

Constellations are dripping off my fingertips like pulsating raindrops hanging off the edge of the world- When I close my eyes I’m floating on a salty ocean towards a horizon bursting with colours, The hues of honeyed pink glowing in the water and on my warmed skin- Smiling into the Machiavellian arms of denial, But … Continue reading An Astronaut Lost In Space-Constellations