An Astronaut Lost In Space-Constellations

Constellations are dripping off my fingertips like pulsating raindrops hanging off the edge of the world-
When I close my eyes I’m floating on a salty ocean towards a horizon bursting with colours,
The hues of honeyed pink glowing in the water and on my warmed skin-
Smiling into the Machiavellian arms of denial,
But then the dream is over- alone and cold again.
I’m terrified that all I’ll ever hear is silence

Just another speck of stardust drifting across the expanse of no-one’s land; to them I’m invisible next to the plethora of giant kings up here,
Watching the flickering of the incognizant stars through my visor and counting each finite inhalation,
As the air stretches thinner each gentle rasping breath clouds the view a little more
All I can do now is watch-
My body a ragdoll set on an orbit predetermined and indefinite,
Faced with the scorching saffron-red ball upon which my whole life I have depended and now my entire vision is filled by, is as enchanting as it is devastating,
Enthralled by it in these consciousness encompassing moments of clarity, a wastefully honest tear that I’ll never wipe away rolls over my face.

Reflecting that someday my outstretched hands will reach the edge of the universe, but that I never will lingers behind each last thought;
All the brightness of cosmology will be reflected upon my perfectly preserved eyes but I won’t see anything
Still drifting on the wave-less sea of nothingness when even home has fallen quiet-
Staring blankly into the infinity of darkness until the promise of the abyss finally catches up with me

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