Memories Fall like Dominos

Black and white, lining up along the curvature of my brain, Photographs in grey and blue fluttering between breaths- Opening up the door to recollection, just to peek at one present, Nostalgia settling on my tongue… he tastes like vanilla and rain and skin. Settling on my hands and between our fingers- warm like shared … Continue reading Memories Fall like Dominos

An Astronaut Lost In Space-Constellations

Constellations are dripping off my fingertips like pulsating raindrops hanging off the edge of the world- When I close my eyes I’m floating on a salty ocean towards a horizon bursting with colours, The hues of honeyed pink glowing in the water and on my warmed skin- Smiling into the Machiavellian arms of denial, But … Continue reading An Astronaut Lost In Space-Constellations