“So you’re a writer?”

My fingers are aching from watching the quickening hands of a clock – I just don’t know if I can keep up anymore. I stretch out my cracking palms, knuckles that are bruised and bloodied. I only fought myself- but does that mean I won? The keyboard is broken. I thought that if I just … Continue reading “So you’re a writer?”

Bus Stops

We stood there at the bus stop like we were standing at the edge of the world. Ready for our call to battle in the square of no man's land on this arbitrary road. Each with a number - a place to go. Readying ourselves to be shuttled into the rest of our lives. We … Continue reading Bus Stops

Summer sunshine at the cusp of spring filtered through the leaves on that tree outside my window, to settle lightly between the furrows of your brows, A lifetime of worries past etched in shadows of your bones. The hazy late-afternoon light captured in an endearing clarity in the warmth of your smile-creased brown eyes, The … Continue reading