Memories Fall like Dominos

Black and white, lining up along the curvature of my brain, Photographs in grey and blue fluttering between breaths- Opening up the door to recollection, just to peek at one present, Nostalgia settling on my tongue… he tastes like vanilla and rain and skin. Settling on my hands and between our fingers- warm like shared … Continue reading Memories Fall like Dominos

The Space Between Optimism and Cynicism

Waking up with shards of sun and light in their happy eyes, Souls that go to sleep and get sweet rest at night – Colours shimmering in a sickening brightness Finding slivers of silver linings in darkness Smiling at strangers and soppy romance Sycophantic flattery – making plans Happiness Falling into bitter, But never getting … Continue reading The Space Between Optimism and Cynicism