We sit in grey suits across from one another; stiff and straight like toy soldiers.

‘The weather is nice’
A small yellow-green netted globe sits between us- we’re a world apart
Breaking the tension I bring out the knife and slice up the sun,

10 minutes later and we’re spitting out the hard honey seeds onto the marble floor,
Not caring where they landed- It’s a game now!
The brick-built jungle our playground and us just girls again
Biting down into the soft, sweet, flesh, the juices run down my chin as we giggle.
Chomping and chewing and slurping and smacking our lips we devour like animals,
Both of us, playing with our prey like cubs or pups; too excitable
Smiling too hard; distorting our faces into euphoric imps, we laugh genuinely for the first time in years,
I look up savouring this,
The skies are white and the marble melted into an ocean! With sharks!
Unware of everything we exist.

Only the oval skins lay piled high like corpses on the table between us.
And our bellies filled.
You wipe your face with a napkin, and I wash my hands with lavender soap.
I have to get to yoga and you have another meeting, we shake hands,
And walk away from the innocent carnage.

Once you have left I go back, to hold the tiny bodies and to put them to rest,
Gently I put them away- they are already shrivelling up and drying out.
Tears drip my mascara down my cheeks,
Remember when the fruit was endless, and the summers long and simple.
I try not to.

It’s raining and I’m late for something,
I grab the bin on the way out and forget the whole thing.



















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