24 Hour Shopping

In the orange streetlight I can barely see the stars in the sky,
My phone gives a final buzz then dies,
Hoody on and taking a deep breath I get out, lock the doors and walk-
Grabbing a trolley I push through the glass doors as the wheels squeak like nails on chalk.
I know my life is going badly when I end up here at 3am.

The fluorescent lighting is tinged with green, it’s another world in here.
Distant echoes of an obscure pop song rumble incoherently originating from somewhere near,
The maze of shelves and displays draw me in,
God this place is depressing-
Keep it together.

I imagine that the world has ended and I’m all that’s left of humanity,
We’d be screwed if this all hinged on me
I smile.
Wandering through endless aisles,
I wonder if I’ll ever leave.
Would there be anyone who’d even miss me?
With no clocks or watches in here time has no meaning,
I could have been here 2 hours already,
Or I could be in the car still dreaming.
Disappointing ice cream, chips and a DVD I’ll never watch are thrown into the basket,
They might as well of been thrown into a casket.

Finally, the finish line of lifeless checkouts appear,
But just before I can get out of this alien store-
I’ve forgotten what I came in here for!

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