A Sky Full of Stars

A sky full of stars, and her, knee-deep in an ocean of herself.
Stripped naked to the world, bare and ready for inspection.
As their filthy eyes seek out every inch of private moments, every second of every breath, waiting to reveal her imperfections, she stands still.
Although her body is uncovered she still feels overdressed in a heavy suit of fat and skin, two sizes too big.
Trapped in the costume she didn’t choose and can’t remove.
Their fingers begin prodding at her and to keep from wincing she lifts her gaze to the infinity of space above, her eyes brushing against the perfect lights of the stars.
She wonders why she doesn’t recognise herself.

The freezing cold water laps around her legs, biting at her dirtied white skin.
She peruses her freshly painted nails; sharp and shiny and she laughs at the absurdity of their design.
She waits for them to reveal their purpose, but when they flake and chip away she decides to make them her design.
Digging her claws into her thigh, she tears the first piece of flesh from the bones beneath; peeling away the oozing hide from her pearl-drop ribs.
The reflection of the moonlight in the blood-stained water at her feet was beautiful.

Finally, her bones can breathe, and the shape of her soul is released; an ivory cathedral of bones for her soul – a dress that finally fits.

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