My Cage

Trapped in a cage, with only a window, but even that is cruel

You can see your dream outside, you can almost touch it-

But you can’t.

You saw them building the walls around you, but you couldn’t move in time,

You wanted to run. You saw others do it, but you didn’t have the time, money, chance, talent, belief.

It’s grey and everything looks the same within the cage, and there is 7 billion more like yours.

There’s a crack in the wall if you look hard enough, but you never noticed it.

You were too busy dying inside, complaining and you too became grey. You accepted that you would die in your grey cage but I can’t- Won’t!

I can see the cracks in walls, the gap between the bars

I look back to the cage afraid, my heart pounding and my head screaming. The guards shout insults, tell me that I can’t do it on my own, that no one makes it.

I reach out for the glass the cage crumbles.

A world of bright colours engulf me, I dance in them and I thrive but everyday I pray for you. That you would just reach out far enough to be free. I know it’s scary but trust me you’re ok.


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