Falling Rain at Dawn

The distant sound of gentle drums drift into my dreams,
I flutter into consciousness, I tear myself from the comforting darkness clinging to my skin under the sheets
I’m pulled into the waking world quickly.
A deafening throb of hearts beating, blood pumping, lungs filling, lashes parting, reassures me.
Cold air from the night still clings to the open curtains, off the steamed glass drips cool fresh tears.

Fat globs now pound onto the pavement in the street outside…
Through the misty looking glass I can see –
The Amber moon leaking into the grey horizon,
Pink, gold and orange bleed into the clouds, feeding them with colours.
Until the droplets turn to gold, and sparkling flames fly past by my room-
Glittering and twinkling as they fall.

I stretch and embrace a yawn, aching for a coffee,
As I watch the falling rain pour down at dawn.


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